Special Guests


Our events aim to give our participants the platform to display their talent and skills in a relaxed atmosphere. It also provides opportunities to ask questions to industry professionals that are either inspiring or creating new work in theatre. These have included artistic directors, theatre companies, actors and performers, reviewers, writers for stage and screen.


We're always looking to make more connections and invite new guests for our Q&A sessions. Please get in touch through stitchinfiction@gmail.com for more information.



Some feedback from our events so far:


"Fab night! Great to see this kind of support for new work!"

Audience Feedback, 2015


"A damn fine evening"

Kate Saffin, Female Arts 2016


"What a wonderful & inspiring evening!"

Audience Feedback, 2015


"Totally recommended, whether you're a writer, actor, or just like watching people (not in a weird way)"

Two London Ladies, 2016


"Massively enjoyed it, anyone who hasn't applied so far, do it!" Participant 2016


"...Lovely atmosphere, great work"
Participant 2016


"Stitchin' Fiction has really helped me kick start my career as a writer. My short play was selected, and there happened to be someone who worked in TV development in the audience. These so called 'chance meetings' wouldn't exist if it wasn't for nights like this!"
Participant, 2015