Stitchin' Fiction are constantly looking for more creatives to join us for our events.


What are we looking for? Like-minded creatives who seek a platform for collaborative theatre-making opportunities. That's it! Whether you're fresh out of your thesis or seasoned with scripts, SF's doors are open for all the apply.


The great thing about SF is that there is never any type of role or submission - you are free to register as many times as you like! For more information on specific roles, see below:


You bring the words to life. On the night, you will collaborate with your Writer and Resident Director, and rehearse the piece for one hour before the public scratch performance.


Oh, and another thing - you have nothing to prepare, and you'll have no idea what your working on, or with who, until that night.


Up for the challenge? 


The only prerequisite we ask for is a one-page registration form, that let's us know what skills/experience you have (we've had first-timers to fresh off the boards!) and what YOU would most like to explore.


Ready to be considered? Click the button to be taken to our registration form!


You provide the words for the Actors, and collaborate with the Resident Director on the night. All submissions must be sent through email. Submissions should be between ten and fifteen minutes (maximum).


We recommend having a little think about how you'll want to tackle your work with the actors, but don't worry, our skilled Resident Directors are standby to help out!


Ready to get that script off your lap and onto stage?


Alongside your submission, we ask that you send us a character breakdown so we can best match your actors for the event. 


Ready to apply? Click the button to fill our our short registration form!

If you cannot access the form please email us at

Next Event: Monday 3rd February

Submission Deadline: Thursday 23rd January 8pm

Behind The Scenes

Stitchin' Fiction also looks for new members of the team behind the scenes, in administration, directing, and event management roles. If you would like to get involved with us backstage, feel free to get in touch at specifying which role you're interested in!