About Us


Stitchin’ Fiction is a free, non-profit platform for creatives to come together in a workshopping environment. Writers with words stuck in their laptops and notebooks are given a pool of performers, who want to work and stretch their collaborative muscles and skills.


Stitchin' Fiction began in November 2014 by EM Williams, whom upon witnessing the dwindling opportunities for emerging creatives, decided to host what she expected to be a quiet night of short sketches. The interest and turnout resulted in their not being enough space, or chairs, and having to move the event from their small function room into the main space at The Boogaloo, Highgate, London. Since 2018, SF events has been supported by Theatre Delicatessen and have taken residency at the Deli Studios.


Stitchin' Fiction events are hosted and ran by the skills and expertise of the SF Team, Resident Directors and Standbys - without whom these events would not be possible.


If you have worked with one of our team and would like to get in touch with them regarding a production or project, please get in touch at stitchinfiction@gmail.com